Typical Sardinian sweets

With the aim of respecting the confectionery tradition of Sardinia, Biscottificio Demelas remains and artisan workshop and bakery, committed to the production and sale of typical sweets of Stintino and the province of Sassari.

Discover the pastry tradition of Stintino with Sardinian Savoiardo, Amaretto, Tiricche with honey and lemon zest, Tumbarelle and many other specialties, really exquisite thanks to the careful and skilful preparation pastry chefs.

Our bakery  offers typical Sardinian sweets of local tradition every day, all crafted with the finest, genuine ingredients, and baked into our workshp in Loc. Pozzo San Nicola , Stintino:

  • Sardinian sweet ravioli
  • casalina
  • Sardinian savoiardo
  • crowns
  • bianchino
  • seadas with honey
  • amaretto
  • gateau
  • formaggella
  • Sardinian pastries
meringues with almonds
The creativity of the owner, Giovanni Maria Piras, has given rise to new Sardinian biscuits and pastries of his own invention: discover the authentic and delicious sweets such as Shells, Jellyfish and Quattro Mori.

The Crown

The Crown is a traditional Sardinian dessert whose origins are lost in history: a circular brittle, with a central hole, consisting of small balls of dough fried in oil and mixed with caramelized sugar. All this "crown" is covered with a glaze and sprinkled with colored sugar threads.

A delicacy that is also nice to look at; the Crown is a traditional Sardinian sweet pastry, a product that Biscottificio Demelas keeps on churning out and also one of our best known products.

The tradition of homemade pasta

Our workshop is also specialized in the production of homemade fresh pasta - not only sweet but salty too! At Biscottificio Demelas you will find typical Sardinian recipes such as culurgiones, malloreddus, Sardinian potato ravioli, ricotta ravioli or Sardinian ravioli stuffed with various ingredients, always selected with care by Giovanni Maria Piras, the owner of the bakery, and his collaborators .

 The shop for the sale of fresh pasta is always located in Stintino, Loc. Pozzo San Nicola, easily accessible from all over the province of Sassari.

Order us your plate of homemade pasta, call us on

079 534016 or e-mail to giomaa@alice.it

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