Stintino and its traditions

Biscottificio Demelas, founded in 1981, is strictly linked to the confectionery tradition of the territory of Stintino, one of the most fascinating places of the whole island, which over the centuries has developed its own culture, even when it comes to sweets and food.

Our confectionery company, located in the village of Pozzo San Nicola, offers the exquisiteness and authenticity of the traditional Sardinian sweets and handmade fresh pasta every day. All our products are made following the ancient Sardinian recipes for culurgiones, seadas, malloreddus, tumbarelle and fried ravioli.

The beauty of Stintino

The coast of Stintino is one of the most beautiful all over Sardinia. Here you can relax and enjoy the nature that offers you a white sandy beach, crystal clear waters and breathtaking views.

Discover the beach of “La Pelosa”,  an oasis of beauty and relax that only the wild and pure Sardinian nature can give you. Far from the chaos of the city, Stintino is nowadays an internationally yearned holiday destination for those who love sea and contact with natural untouched surroundings.

Ancient arts of the sea

The art of confectionery is one of the several traditions that the territory of Stintino offers to its visitors, in addition to the ancient seafaring arts of master builders, the creators of lateen-rigged fishing boats, fishing for tuna with tuna Saline, founded at the end of '500.

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